Why does Fragalysis think my Squonk2 Job is LOST?

Occasionally you may see the Status recorded as LOST in the Fragalysis Job dialogue. This simply says that, according to Fragalysis, Squonk “claims” not to know about the Job.

When Fragalysis executes a Job remotely on a Squonk2 it does this through a REST API call. Along with the Job specification Fragalysis send Squonk a callback context, a UUID that Fragalysis can use to correlate job status responses with its own database records. It is this UUID that Squonk does not recognise.

In all likely hood what has happened is that Squonk has responded to the REST API call to create the Job but Squonk may be running more slowly than expected. As a result the API request is complete but the Job has not properly initialised.

To overcome this situation, which has been observed on clusters where Pods are exhibiting slower than usual execution times or networking issues, Fragalysis offers a “refresh” feature for all the outstanding jobs. In most cases simply hitting “refresh” will update the status to reflect reality (i.e. the Job has now either started or finished).