Blog intro

Welcome to the Informatics Matters blog.

This is the first post of what will become a regular stream of information about our
activities at Informatics Matters in providing solutions for scientific computing, including
bioinformatics, genomics, cheminformatics and computational chemistry.

Some of this will be about our flagship product, the
Squonk Computational Notebook but you’ll also hear a lot about the
Squonk Platform upon which it is built and the techologies that are used in it such as those
used for automated orchestration and deployment, such as Docker containers, Kubernetes, OpenShift,
Jenkins, Ansible and Terraform as well as our programming activities using Java, Groovy,
Javascript and Python.

Also you will find posts about how we are solving scientific problems in Squonk, and we hope you should
find this a nice mix of how modern techniques are being used to address the needs of scientists.

Looking forward in being able to contribute to these posts!